Selling Your Home What to Do When Your Home Gets a Lowball Offer When selling your home, you may run into an offer, or a lowball offer, that fall far below your asking price. These low offers may only serve to make you angry, but don’t get angry! While selling your home is an emotional process, there are rational and effective strategies for dealing with a lowball offer. […]
Home Improvement Should You Fix Up Your Home Before Selling Homeowners deciding to sell their home can wonder if they should fix up their house before selling it or allow a potential buyer to do the updates and remodeling. Whether you decide to repair your house before selling it or go straight to the market as-is, each decision has pros and cons.  Consider the Current […]
Prescott Area Events Upcoming Prescott Events this Holiday Season! Are you looking for something fun to do this holiday season? Check out the events happening in Prescott, AZ! There’s something for everyone, so get out and enjoy the festivities. From tree lightings to parades to performances, you’re sure to find something that will get you into the holiday spirit. So mark your calendar and […]
Selling Your Home Protect Yourself During an Open House. Open houses are a fantastic marketing tool for selling your home. A successful open house creates a network of awareness around your listing. Unfortunately, you must be cautious about potential thieves. Use the few tips to protect yourself during an open house.  9 Things to Remove From Your Home Important documents: Ensure your personal information is […]
Home Improvement Best Home Renovations for Selling Are you getting ready to sell your home? Since the supply of homes for sale has increased this year, today’s buyers have more options than last year. That may mean you cannot ignore some of those repairs or cosmetic updates you could have skipped in previous months.  So, what are the best home renovations to […]
Selling Your Home Why the Price Matters The housing market has started slowing down from the housing frenzy we have seen over the past two years during the pandemic. What does this mean for sellers? Homes are still appreciating, and experts say this will continue, but they will appreciate at a slower pace because of the rise in mortgage rates. Since mortgage […]
Buying a Home Mortgage Tips for the Self-Employed More people have become self-employed in recent years, but when looking to become a homeowner, what does that mean for securing a mortgage? Self-employed entrepreneurs are seen as a greater risk, and often, successful self-employed workers never apply because they believe they will not qualify. But don’t give up on home ownership! You can take […]
Buying a Home Conquering the Mortgage Process Many potential buyers are putting off the home buying process because of the uncertainty of the real estate market and the fear of the steps involved in qualifying for a mortgage. However, it doesn’t have to be daunting. Below, we have broken down what you’ll need to qualify and easy steps you can follow to […]
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Buying a Home Factors to Consider When Moving with Kids With school-aged children in your home, buying or selling a house can take a different approach. Finding the right size, location, school district, and more is essential. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re ready to move with your family. Location and Neighborhood When it comes to finding a house that meets […]
Buying a Home Budgeting for the Expenses of Home Buying Ready to buy a home but unsure of what to expect? It can feel intimidating to know how much you need to save and what you’ll need to budget for throughout the process. Don’t worry, I have your back!  Here are a few things experts say you should plan for along the way: 1) Down […]
Buying a Home What’s a Walkability Score? When looking at home listings and comparing neighborhoods, you may notice a number attached to the listing or neighborhood called “walkability score.” Have you ever wondered what that means? Walkability score measures how easy it is to get around in an area on foot. The higher the walkability score, the more pedestrian-friendly an area is. […]
Home Improvement 6 Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home Keep the Babies Safe Whether you are expecting to add a little one to your family, entertain guests with small children, or are a grandparent, it’s wise to baby-proof your home. It helps either put you or your guests at ease. Here are six baby-proofing tips that will help protect you or your guest’s little […]
Buying a Home Don’t Get Burned Buying a “Lipstick Flip” Beware of Lipstick Flips Have you ever looked at a property that was “flipped” or “rehabbed” and thought it seemed “too good to be true”? Well, there’s a reason for this, because many times these are “Lipstick Flips.” What is a “Lipstick Flip,” anyway? A “Lipstick Flip” is one where the rehab on the property […]